BART approves FY25 operating and capital budgets, faces grim funding outlook

BART approves FY25 operating and capital budgets, faces grim funding outlook Image credit: BART

The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Board of Directors has approved the Fiscal Year 2025 operating and capital budgets. 

The $1.1 billion FY25 operating budget maintains train service levels and staffing for enhanced safety and cleaning efforts while avoiding service cuts. The budget supports optimized train schedules and train lengths. Right-sized trains reduce costs, and improve safety and cleanliness. BART operates eight-car trains on the Yellow Line, as well as selected Red and Blue line trains and six-car trains on all other lines on weekdays and weekends. New trains have reduced traction power costs by almost 20 percent and decreases mileage on the fleet overall. 

The $1.2 billion FY25 capital budget funds improvements such as the Next Generation Fare Gate program, escalator replacement, new train cars and Measure RR rebuilding projects. The capital budget is designed to be a flexible spending plan, with the ability to adapt to changing priorities and project schedules, yet retains a central focus: 98 percent of planned capital investment in FY25 and FY26 will be in System Reinvestment and Service & Capacity Enhancement. 

BART notes that while the FY25 operating budget is balanced, the FY26 operating budget faces a $35-million dollar deficit. Measures are being taken to reduce the projected deficit, such as containing discretionary expenses. The outlook after FY26 changes dramatically, as the agency is expected to exhaust the remaining emergency federal and state funding.

Source: BART