FHWA awards $34 million in ADCMS grants to promote digital construction

FHWA awards $34 million in ADCMS grants to promote digital construction Image credit: FHWA

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has awarded $34 million in grants to 10 projects in 10 states under the Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems (ADCMS) grant program. The grants will promote digital construction, such as computer modeling and 3D design, and state-of-the-art practices to accelerate project delivery, and reduce project delays and cost overruns. 

The ADCMS program is one aspect of FHWA Technology and Innovation Deployment Program (TIDP) and promotes access to more meaningful, accurate, and easy-to-use data by construction professionals with enhanced software modeling tools and features. Better and more consistent modeling allows the seamless sharing of design and construction plans. 

The new program under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides a total of $85 million over five years. The program goals include:

  • Accelerated adoption of advanced digital construction management systems throughout the project lifecycle to boost productivity and manage complex projects;
  • More timely and productive information-sharing through reduced reliance on paper;
  • Development and deployment of best practices on construction sites;
  • Increased technology adoption and deployment by states and local governments; and
  • Increased transparency as the result of the real-time sharing of information.

The selected projects focus on information-sharing, reduced reliance on paper, and increased productivity and cost savings during project delivery to serve as models for the adoption and deployment of digital construction technologies on a national scale.

Source: FHWA