FTA Volpe Center releases Transit Resilience Guidebook

FTA Volpe Center releases Transit Resilience Guidebook Image credit: FTA

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has released the Transit Resilience Guidebook, a resource to help transit agencies, local government officials, metropolitan planning organizations, and other entities anticipate, adapt to, and recover from service disruptions caused by extreme weather events, natural disasters, and climate change impacts. 

The guidebook, developed with the Volpe Center, presents recommendations and examples of how to identify and address climate vulnerabilities and risks and build resilience into transit assets, while ensuring priority is given to protecting vulnerable populations.

The guidebook presents resilience planning as an iterative process that is addressed across all stages of a project’s life cycle: assessing, planning, designing, constructing, managing, maintaining and monitoring. This framework encourages consideration and implementation of resilience measures throughout an agency’s decision-making processes. The guidebook also includes real-world examples from transit agencies nationwide to illustrate the benefits of resilience planning.

Source: FTA