MBTA Board Approves Capital Investment Plan for Fiscal Years 2025-2029

MBTA Board Approves Capital Investment Plan for Fiscal Years 2025-2029 Image credit: MBTA

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) Board of Directors has unanimously approved the Fiscal Years 2025-2029 Capital Investment Plan (FY25-29 MBTA CIP), which includes over 640 unique capital projects to modernize, expand, and increase the safety and reliability of the transit network with a programmed spend of $9.6 billion over the next five fiscal years, including $843 million in new funding.

The FY25-29 CIP includes an overview of the capital planning process, summaries of investment programs, and the full list of capital projects in the approved five-year CIP. The capital projects are related to acquiring, renewing, constructing, improving, or maintaining capital assets, including project planning and design. Major investments include full funding for the North Station Draw 1 Bridge Replacement project and a 20-minute decarbonized service along the Fairmount Commuter Rail Line. 

The CIP is updated annually to ensure that the MBTA continues to:  

  • Focus on key investment objectives, including safety, reliability, modernization, accessibility, sustainability, resilience, and equity.
  • Address critical asset needs to bring the system to a State of Good Repair, and 
  • Prioritize projects that keep the agency on a path to better safety, service, and sustainability.

As part of the funding for the FY25-29 CIP, the Boston Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is funding a total of $26.6 million in the CIP for six projects including rail modernization early action items and improvements at Nubian Square station in Boston. The MPO programs transportation investments using a mix of federal and state funding sources.

Source: MBTA