New York Transit Tech Lab selects 19 finalists, largest cohort to date

New York Transit Tech Lab selects 19 finalists, largest cohort to date Image credit: Transit Tech Lab

The Transit Tech Lab (TTL) has announced the 19 finalists selected to collaborate with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ), NJ TRANSIT, and the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) to test technologies to improve customer experience, resiliency, and curb management. 

The companies will deploy their technologies over an eight-week “proof of concept” period with one or more of the participating agencies, including the MTA, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, NJ TRANSIT, and the NYC Department of Transportation. The proofs of concept will leverage AI, LiDAR, and other smart technologies to improve transit operations. 

2024 Challenges

  • Customer Experience Challenge - How can we improve customer experience by better communicating service changes, reducing delays, and augment safety and cleanliness initiatives?
  • Resilience Challenge - How can we build a more resilient and adaptive transit system?
  • NYCDOT’s Curb Activity Challenge - How can we maximize the city’s curb space to serve the multiple and varied needs of New Yorkers?

Customer Experience Challenge - BusPas (Montreal, Québec) with NJ TRANSIT; CloudMonitoring/ REMS Plus LLC (Queens, NY) with MTA; Convo Communications (Austin, TX) with MTA, NJ TRANSIT and PANYNJ; GoodMaps (Louisville, KY) with PANYNJ and NJ TRANSIT; Urban Solar (Beaverton, OR) with NYC DOT and NJ TRANSIT; Velocia (Toronto, Ontario) with MTA and PANYNJ

Resilience Challenge Advanced Rail and Transit Solutions, Inc (Manahawkin, NJ) with MTA and PANYNJ; AlphaRoute (Waltham, MA) with MTA, Cascara Energy (Toronto, Ontario) with MTA, FLX Solutions (Bethlehem, PA) with MTA and NJ TRANSIT; Intelligent Security Systems (ISS) (Woodbridge, NJ) with MTA, PANYNJ and NJ TRANSIT; irmos technologies (Zurich, Switzerland) with PANYNJ; QEA Tech (Markham, Ontario) with MTA and PANYNJ; Voltpost (New York, NY) with MTA and NJ TRANSIT; Flower Turbines, Inc. (New York and Texas) with PANYNJ

NYCDOT’s Curb Activity Challenge

AIWaysion (Seattle, WA); AppyWay Ltd (London, United Kingdom); Populus (San Francisco, CA); Seyond (Sunnyvale, CA)

TTL is a public-private initiative created by the MTA and the Partnership Fund for New York City to accelerate innovation in public transportation. Since 2018, the TTL has fielded over 900 applicants, tested 51 new technology solutions, piloted 35 integrated solutions, and deployed 11 at scale.

The Partnership Fund for New York City is the $130 million investment arm of the Partnership for New York City, dedicated to mobilizing private sector resources and expertise to advance New York City’s standing as a global center of economic opportunity, upward mobility, and innovation. A key focus of the Fund is the application of new technology that serves the public interest.

Source: Transit Tech Lab