SANDAG approves FY2025 budget, funds various rail and bus transit projects

SANDAG approves FY2025 budget, funds various rail and bus transit projects Image credit: SANDAG

The San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Board of Directors has approved its $1.3 billion annual FY 2025 budget, which will take effect July 1, 2024. The budget covers more than 200 projects across the region. For the first time, an interactive map is available for community members and local leaders to explore the projects in their neighborhoods. 

Transit projects include Blue Line railway signal improvements, Palomar Street rail grade separation, several double-tracking projects, and the implementation of six new Rapid bus projects. Work will continue on several key projects and programs noted below:

Youth Opportunity Pass (YOP): This pilot program, which provides free, unlimited transit rides for people age 18 and under, is being extended for another year. It has provided more than 11 million rides countywide since its launch.

Airport Transit Connection: Technical analysis and public outreach will be completed to identify the locally preferred alternative for a direct transit link to the airport. The funding will help complete the environmental phase and begin design work.

LOSSAN: The Del Mar Bluffs V Stabilization project to protect the rail corridor from coastal erosion will begin at the same time the LOSSAN Rail Realignment project begins the environmental phase to ultimately relocate the tracks off the bluffs by 2035.

Blue Line Trolley Improvements: Studies are underway for various improvements to the Blue Line Trolley, including community-oriented development around two stops which will speed up trip times and increase access for transit riders. SANDAG is also actively planning near-term solutions like more Rapid buses to serve people traveling north and south on this route.

Purple Line: SANDAG is exploring the best way to build this new transit line through two studies. The first looks at types of trains and possible routes for the National City to Sorrento Mesa section. The second examines ways to improve all major transit lines from South County to San Diego. SANDAG is also planning a temporary Rapid bus route to serve passengers traveling between these neighborhoods.

San Dieguito Lagoon Double Track Phase 2 Construction: The project will receive $99.1 million and use North County Transit District funds and matching TransNet funds to fully finance construction.

Del Mar Bluffs V Stabilization: With $3 million allocated, this project will leverage new state funds to completely finance construction and support near-term safety and reliability of the LOSSAN rail line along the bluffs in Del Mar.

Source: SANDAG