SEPTA awards wayfinding signage contract to Nova Industries

SEPTA awards wayfinding signage contract to Nova Industries Image credit: SEPTA

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will advance its Metro Wayfinding program with a construction contract for Nova Industries LLC to design, fabricate and install new signage and wayfinding for 27 stations on the Broad Street Line [B] and in Center City.

Phase 1 of the multi-phase project, the station overhauls, will begin later this year and continue into 2025. Phase 2, which includes the remainder of the Market-Frankford Line [L] and Subway-Surface Trolleys [T], will begin next year.

SEPTA is unifying the subway, elevated, and trolley lines into a single, easy-to-use network. The Metro improvements include:

  • Easy to see and read colors, letters, and numbers for each SEPTA Metro line. This will improve visibility, clarity, and accessibility for all.
  • New maps and signs that show bus connections and highlight SEPTA’s most frequent bus lines, along with the entire Trolley network.
  • New station entrance signage and illuminated pylons to make stations easier to find.
  • New “neighborhood maps” and exit signage to help riders get find their destinations.
  • Adjusting station names to eliminate duplicates, such as “Girard” (Broad-Girard) on the Broad Street Line and “Girard” (Front-Girard) on the Market-Frankford Line, and merging complexes, such as “15th St/City Hall” instead of having two separate station names: “15th St” and “City Hall.”

This project is also coordinated with modernization efforts for SEPTA’s website, mobile app, and data feeds to enhance digital wayfinding tools. Planned improvements include releasing more real-time information, working to significantly reduce “ghost buses,” and piloting new, easier-to-read bus detour signage to align with the larger wayfinding improvements.

Source: SEPTA