Sound Transit releases final environmental study for OMF South

Sound Transit releases final environmental study for OMF South Image credit: Sound Transits

Sound Transit and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) issued the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Operations and Maintenance Facility (OMF) South, which will support storing and maintenance of Link light rail trains for future expansion, including service to West Seattle and Tacoma.

The Final EIS responds to comments on the 2021 and 2023 Draft EIS documents, and provides a detailed look at project benefits, impacts and mitigation measures to inform the Sound Transit Board as it considers the final project. 

The OMF South is critical for Sound Transit’s transformational transit expansion program. The facility will provide space to store and service the light rail vehicles the agency needs as the system grows from the current 35-mile, 39-station, two-line system into a 116-mile, 83-station regional network. When completed, the facility will service about 144 light rail vehicles for train cleaning and repairs.  

With the Final EIS released, staff anticipate providing a project update to the System Expansion Committee to recommend a project to be built. Once the Board selects the final project, the final design and construction will begin. The Board has identified a target in-service date of 2029. The Final EIS indicates a completion date of 2032-2037, depending on which alternative is selected to be built, and actions are being taken to reduce the schedule.

Source: Sound Transit