STV to lead planning and design for Valley Metro Rio East-Dobson Extension Project

STV to lead planning and design for Valley Metro Rio East-Dobson Extension Project Image credit: STV

STV has partnered with the Valley Metro Regional Public Transportation Authority (Valley Metro), in partnership with the cities of Tempe and Mesa, Ariz., to serve as the lead planner and designer for the Rio East-Dobson Extension. 

The project will evaluate the expansion of Valley Metro Streetcar by approximately four miles from downtown Tempe into Arizona's third-largest city, Mesa. The streetcar is part of metro Phoenix’s larger transit system connecting the Valley Metro transit lines in Maricopa County, the largest-growing county in the nation.

While previous feasibility studies determined the general route along Rio Salado Parkway and Dobson Road, STV will conduct an alternative analysis to consider and evaluate the line’s configuration and how it can best connect various regional activity centers, employment centers and residential areas. 

The team will study the potential to integrate the project with planned transit-oriented developments throughout the cities while serving Tempe Marketplace and Sloan Park in Mesa. STV will also prepare conceptual designs for the streetcar and analyze the project’s potential for receiving federal grants in future phases.

The expanded streetcar line will travel to the area near the Sycamore/Main Street light-rail station in Mesa, serving as a hub to encourage multi-modal ridership for travel to downtown Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa, including the campuses of Arizona State University and entertainment venues, with potential for additional streetcar expansion in the future.

The metro Phoenix area, which recently surpassed five million residents, is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. STV has also served the Greater Phoenix area in the award-winning Phoenix Bus Rapid Transit program and design support services for Valley Metro’s Operations and Maintenance Center.

Source: STV