USDOT launches RCP Program NOFO, $607M for construction and planning grants

USDOT launches RCP Program NOFO, $607M for construction and planning grants Image credit: USDOT

The U.S. Department of Transportation has released the 2024 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Reconnecting Communities Pilot (RCP) Program Fiscal Years (FY) 2024 – 2026 funding.

The RCP Grant Program helps reconnect communities previously cut off from economic opportunities by transportation infrastructure. The goal of the program is to advance community-centered transportation connection projects that improve access to daily needs such as jobs, education, healthcare, food, nature, and recreation, and foster equitable development and restoration.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law authorized $1 billion in grant funding from FY 2022-26 for planning, construction and technical assistance; $607 million is remaining, all of which will be awarded under this NOFO. 

This NOFO will include funding for two grant types that involve the following activities:

  • Capital Construction - DOT will award $457 million to eligible construction activities necessary to carry out a project to remove, retrofit, or mitigate an existing eligible facility or replace an existing eligible facility with a new facility that reconnects communities. BIL specifies that the minimum capital construction grant award is $5 million. Capital Construction Grants may range from $5 million to $100 million. If a project is partially funded, project components executed through the RCP award must demonstrate independent utility.
  • Community Planning - DOT will award $150 million to eligible public engagement, feasibility studies, and other planning activities. BIL specifies that the maximum RCP Program Planning Grant award is $2 million.

USDOT will evaluate applications using consistent merit criteria and other considerations.

Source: USDOT