WMATA operating automatic doors on all Metrorail lines

WMATA operating automatic doors on all Metrorail lines Image credit: WMATA

After weeks of certifying operators to use Automatic Door Operations on the Blue, Orange, Silver, Yellow, and Green lines, the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (WMSC) gave its concurrence to allow Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA, Metro) to fully operate in Auto Door mode.

Metro previously launched Auto Doors on the Red Line last December and has achieved better schedule consistency. 

The doors will open within 3-5 seconds after the train stops on the station platform. The time saved per stop is up to 10 seconds. While train doors will open automatically upon arrival, operators will still close train doors manually for departure, allowing safe and ample time for customers to enter and exit. 

Auto Doors are controlled by technology already onboard trains that ensures trains are safely stopped at the platform before the doors open. Upgrading and restoring the technology for Auto Doors will enable Metro to safely automate 20,000 daily door openings systemwide. This is a critical step in Metro’s larger Rail Automation Program.

Source: WMATA